"In this day, to thank God for His bounties

consisteth in possessing a radiant heart, 

and a soul open to the promptings of the spirit. 

This is the essence of thanksgiving."


Meditations on Gratitude

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In our moments of stillness, with thoughts connected to our true selves, gratitude finds a way to touch our hearts. The pace of the modern world sometimes makes it difficult to have enough time with ourselves to look around and remember all that we have, and all that we’ve been given. But if we pause and think for a moment, we realise just how much there is to be grateful for - whether that is appreciating a personal crisis as an opportunity for growth - or recognising acts of service from the people we love. Whether looking back in gratitude to our ancestors for the sacrifices they have made, or to those great examples of courage and determination who remind us to look up even when everything is looking down. Our links for this collection include articles on how to practise gratitude, both within ourselves and in our outward expressions. We've also provided a guided meditation to help you to create that moment of stillness within your own space. As an example of the types of expression which gratitude might inspire, the Elevate Team received a musical submission this last week - an album called “Bridge” - which offers a beautiful tool to smile to, relax with, breathe and be grateful for.