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Our Many Voices

Sponsored by the UK Baha’i Office of Public Affairs

The UK Baha’i OPA sponsor this conversation, however, its content does not represent official policy of the UK Baha’i community or its administrative bodies.  What’s offered here is the thought and reflection of individual writers and we publish their work in the interest of dialogue, public discourse, and learning together.We hope that this blog will inspire, involve and inform the Baha’i and wider communities.

We’ll publish articles including personal reflections on a variety of current topics, highlighting the point of view that, despite being surrounded by a crumbling society, we can all participate in creating a better world reflective of the coming of age of humankind.

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The world is experiencing the highest rate of population displacement on record. UNHCR’s figures before the Ukraine war indicated that in 2022 there were 281 million international migrants, of which there are...


Being a new-born thing in this world is tough. The world is tough. It’s very hard to stay alive. It’s a miracle so many beautiful and diverse creatures manage to do it. Some of the most intelligent animals on the planet have a great model for how they succeed.


Outside it's misty and cold. The sun is trying to break through and the sky glowing pink.  I watch the light show, tea cup in hand. Today in our country there are around 65 million people. More than fifteen million live in poverty and the number grows by the hour...

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